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Develop your mindset & habits that will enable you to go beyond boundaries

About Strive

We help you to achieve work-life balance through a holistic, strategic, and personalised approach. We develop your mindset & habits that will enable you to go beyond boundaries.

Our Principles

What is Holistic Fitness Coaching? How does it work?

Born out of a passion for being centred, Strive offers a unique, integrated approach to wellness. This is achieved through our core principles:

Bulletproof body

We all want to feel strong and able in our physical body. Through our systematic fitness edification, we ensure that you feel physically unstoppable.


Nutrition is Key. You can’t train your way out of a bad diet. We will hold your hand through the process of healing yourself through food.

Inner Game

It all begins with our mindset. We focus on puting your mind & soul under construction in order to create and sustain lasting postive changes.


Your coach & physiotherapist are your allies, your support, & your friends. In case of injury, we will aid you in the recovery process. And focus our attention on extreme pain management.

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I used to get sick very often with viral infections. I also struggled with hair loss and weak nails.


Strive addressed my immunity issues and gave me a diet and supplement plan that was easy to follow. After following their plan for two months, my health improved and I did not get any sort of infection and my hair and nails definitely got better.


I would recommend Strive to anyone suffering from immunity-related issues.

Dr. Darlene Theresa

Civil Engineer (PhD)

United Kingdom

When I first had a meeting with Strive, I was burnt out and drained both mentally and physically. They were able to identify the root causes of my problems and put together a tailored and flexible program to follow.


Thanks to their holistic approach which includes coaching, mentoring and supporting me, my life is on track. I have lost 17kg, eating healthier, staying fit, feeling happy and I am waking up full of energy like I am 18 years old again.


The guys at Strive are genuine, compassionate, and kind who actually care and take pride in what they do. If you want to change your life for the better, look no further. Strive will revive your life and you will live a more positive and healthier future.

Callum Fergie

Strategic Advisor & Investor


Before joining Strive, I was focused only on one thing and that’s my work. I was used to eating out and on some days, all three meals would be takeaway. I was not taking care of my physical and mental health.


I am so glad to have joined Strive. What I liked the most about it is the people at Strive. They are super supportive and super friendly. I must make a special remark about Dr. Nilu for making me take care of myself. She is, in fact, like an angel and I feel good just talking to her. It’s all thanks to her that I was able to adhere to a healthy eating pattern which enormously contributed to the overall change in myself. I feel very good and I’m proud of myself.


I never thought I would be able to stay away from junk food and be able to attend to my day-to-day work without getting regular headaches. Eating clean was never my thing even though I was well aware of the fact that what I ate was not good. Doing regular workouts was also never my thing. I could achieve both through Strive with guidance from Dr. Nilu.

Kanchana Senanayake

Attorney at Law

Sri Lanka

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