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Transform Your Body

No Pills. No Shakes, No Gimmicks.

Safe, steady progression with a holistic and sustainable approach to your health and wellness. This goes beyond the workout and straight to the heart of your habits.

How Does the 12 Week Transformation Work?

Everything you need to succeed on your terms, in your space.


We'll get real, we'll get honest.. and then we'll get real honest!


It's like having a personal trainer, nutritional specialist, and lifestyle coach — all in one.

You deserve expert support from a human you’d actually want to be friends with. You success depends on that relationship. That’s what separates us from cookie cutter gyms, and one-size-fits-all sweat boxes. Strive provides cutting edge fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching to help you navigate the greatest transformation of your life. We simply offer the best in group training with a friendly, affordable, holistic approach.

We start by getting to know you. Really! Your habits, your routine, how you think about food and exercise, what motivates you, and what has inhibited your health in the past. Then you have a functional movement assessment with our Physio to identify any movement dysfunction, where aches and pains are coming from, and how to prevent further injuries. Finally you will participate in a fitness test that'll give us a detailed picture of your current fitness level. Many of our clients feel that this evaluation is exactly the thing that they need to learn about themselves, and start off on the right foot!


The secret ingredients to lasting transformation

We offer a real emphasis on cultivating sustainable change in a wildly supportive community. We do whatever it takes help you make tangible progress towards healthier lives. Our team will have weekly communication on your accountability items which are critical to changing habits; and becomes part of your 12 week routine. This isn't bootcamp. There is no yelling. We do not make people feel bad about themselves.

Have questions about 12-week transformation?

What You Get

Program Outline

Whether you have 5kg to lose, or 20kg — this program is perfectly designed to meet you exactly where you are. 12 weeks is the ideal amount of time to jump-start a larger transformation.

Lifestyle Assessment

Physio Assessment

Fitness Assessment

48 x Virtual Fitness Sessions 

Nutritional Coaching Sessions

Home Workout Kit

Mindset Coaching Sessions 

Organic Dietary Supplement

Your 12 weeks will fly!

Begin Your Journey

What Should You Expect? 

First of all, transformation doesn't come easy, but don't confuse transformation with torture. The body responds faster to smart, gradual changes. 12 weeks is the ideal amount of time to get some serious, measurable results.

While no two people lose weight at the same rate, for our clients looking to lose weight, they typically drop between 2-4kg in their first month. In 12 weeks, you'll see bigger, even more remarkable changes. We'll be able to outline your personal goals during your orientation session.

If you are ready to identify that first step, come see us for an evaluation, and we will help you create the momentum you need to change your body and your life!

12 weeks. It’s faster than you think.

What you Need

Train to Transform Anytime, Anywhere.


Laptop, Tab or Smartphone


Blutooth Headset or Speaker




Spacious room (size4'x6') with light




Yoga Mat

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Ready to hit the ground running?

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