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8 Tips To Help You Stick To Your 2022 New Year's Resolutions

A new year is a new chapter, a new beginning to most.

It is that time of the year where people jot down their New Year’s Resolutions. They start off quite traditionally and ambitiously yet a few weeks down the line they give up or are back to square one. Sounds like you? Well then keep scrolling because we are going to be sharing 8 tips on how you can make it work.

1. Have a purpose behind your resolutions

Most people set a list of resolutions but do not define the purpose behind it. Why do you want to do what you plan to do? For example:

  • I want to lose weight so that it will be an inspiration for my children and family to follow a healthier lifestyle.

  • I want to have work-life balance so that I get to enjoy my family and friends while I enjoy my job/business at the same time.

  • I want to improve my eating habits so that I will have more energy throughout the day to focus on the right things.

The ‘why’ to your ‘want’ will set the purpose to it. Being purpose driven is more effective than shooting in the dark. 🎯

2. Be specific

Be specific with your resolutions. Vague resolutions leave open-ended options. In the long run, you end up being discouraged when you do not see much progress. When you are specific, you know where to aim before you shoot. When you are more specific, you are also feeding your mind what it needs to achieve.

3. Start when you are ready 🎬

Don’t force yourself to start working on your resolutions on the 01s of January. Start when you are ready. Give yourself a few days if need be and start when you are ready. Which leads us to the next point.

4. Get down to business

You could write down the most practical list on the planet, yet if you do not act on it, you will fail. Planning and doing your research is good. But you NEED to take action if you want to get the ball rolling.

5. Keep track of your progress 📝

It is good to maintain a diary/book with a list of goals. For example, if you goal is to lose 20kgs within the year, identify and break down how many kgs you plan to lose within each quarter of the year and check your weight every 12th week. This helps you keep track of your progress so that you can self-evaluate.

6. Be accountable

Accountability creates a feeling of responsibility within you to achieve certain targets. In order for any changes in life to be sustainable and permanent, you need to be accountable. In this case, it's good to be accountable both, to yourself as well as to someone else. Support from an external source can be very vital. Find someone you can rely on to check with you every now and then of the progress you are making.

7. Don’t expect results overnight

Be it losing weight, building mass, building new habits, unlearning old habits…. you need to keep in mind that slow progress is still progress and it is alright as long as there is consistency. You cannot undo months or years of routines overnight. Keep being constant. It will pay off towards the end of the year.

8. Cut yourself some slack

Failure is a part of success. Failing a few times should not be a reason why you back down. If you have failed to tick your new year resolutions in the past, don’t fear adding them yet again to your new list again. Try again this year, but do it better.

If you are struggling to find motivation, spend a few minutes on the video below to find yourself some motivation and inspiration

We hope these tips help you achieve what you set out to complete by the end of 2022. We would love to hear feedback from you.

Keep it fun, keep it constant and keep it real! 💯👊

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